Weather and Climate


Students explore patterns in weather and how it changes from day to day, using measurement of temperature, wind, cloud cover and precipitation. They relate their findings to weather forecasting to prepare for severe conditions.

NEW! Plants and Animals Live Here


Students investigate what all plants and animals need to survive and how they find their needs in their environments.

Motion: Pushes and Pulls


Students explore the different effects of different strengths and directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of objects.

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles


Students make observations of patterns of objects in the sky and they seem to move. Students use patterns in data to predict some movements of objects in the sky.

NEW! Plant and Animal Traits


Students explore some ways plants and animals meet their needs to survive and grow.

Waves: Light and Sound


Students explore the relationship between vibrations and sound and design instruments or sound makers. Students explore light in terms of light traveling in a straight path from on place to another and placing different objects in the path of light.

Changing Earth: Today and Over Time


Students explore and develop models of different landforms and bodies of water and investigate the causes of how the land and water can change rapidly or over a long period of time.

NEW! Plant and Animal Relationships


Students explore the diversity of plants and animals, the dependency of plants on animals, and the dependency of animals on plants.

Structure and Properties of Matter


Students explore the properties of matter and how different properties make material useful in designing and building different items.

Weather, Climate, and Natural Hazards


Students explore weather at different parts of the world and different times of the year. They collect and analyze data to use patterns to predict future weather events and seasons.

NEW! Life Cycles and Survival in an Ecosystem


Students continue to explore the balance in an ecosystem and the dependency of organisms within the system.

Forces and Interactions


Students explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of objects. Their exploration includes non-contact forces using magnets and electricity.