Sorting Things Out


Students sort objects by their observable properties and explore the interaction of different material and magnets.

Measuring Matters


Measuring Matters focuses on common objects and substances and their physical properties that can be observed and measured.

Changes in Motion

PreNGSS - 3PS1

Using their everyday observations of motion and through a variety of activities, students build on their Kindergarten experiences and explore concepts of motion and forces.

Light and Sound

PreNGSS - 3PS2

Beginning with an exploration into the properties of light and sound, students apply their knowledge to concepts related to shadows, color, pitch, and volume.

Energy Transfer

PreNGSS - 4PS1

This unit concentrates on heat, magnetism and electricity as energy transfers.

States of Matter

PreNGSS - 4PS2

Previous units have laid the foundation for a more in-depth study of the states of matter.

Forces and Motion


Students continue to learn about how things move and participate in an exploration into force and motion as related to distance, time, speed, balanced and unbalanced forces, contact and non-contact forces.

Energetic Connections


Sixth graders deepen their understanding of energy in its multiple forms through investigations into kinetic and potential energy and begin to understand the scientific reasoning that energy is not created or destroyed.

Energy Effects

PreNGSS - 7PS1

The exploration into energy continues with investigations into the effects of light energy and solar energy.

Chemical Properties

PreNGSS - 7PS2

This unit provides a more in-depth study of physical properties (boiling point, density, and color) and chemical properties (pH, reactivity, and flammability).



The Senses unit is based on skill building of sound inquiry practices, focusing on the use of the senses to make purposeful observations and raise questions for investigation.

Kindergarten in Motion


The Kindergarten in Motion unit develops students' prior knowledge of motion and changes in motion through observation and investigation on the playground and high interest classroom investigations.