NEW! Plants and Animals Live Here


Students investigate what all plants and animals need to survive and how they find their needs in their environments.

NEW! Plant and Animal Traits


Students explore some ways plants and animals meet their needs to survive and grow.

NEW! Plant and Animal Relationships


Students explore the diversity of plants and animals, the dependency of plants on animals, and the dependency of animals on plants.

NEW! Life Cycles and Survival in an Ecosystem


Students continue to explore the balance in an ecosystem and the dependency of organisms within the system.

NEW! Structure, Function, and Information Processing


Students determine how internal and external structures support the survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction of plants and animals.

NEW! Matter and Energy in an Ecosystem


Students explore how plants and animals get their food for survival.

Energy in an Ecosystem


Students explore ecosystems with relation to the energy flow in a balanced ecosystem and the roles organisms play to maintain the balance.

An Animal's Life


Students study the basic needs of animals for survival and the life cycle of animals.

A Plant's Life


Students explore the parts of a plant, what they do, and how they contribute to its survival.

Organisms Have Character


Students take a deeper look into the physical and behavioral characteristics of organisms and their role in growth and survival.

Organisms in Their Environment


Students take a deeper look into the requirements of plants and animals to survive, the roles animals play in their environments, and how some animals and plants have variations that give them an advantage for survival.

Systems and Survival


Students examine three different "systems" in their lives, classification system, ecosystems, and human body systems.