Weather and Climate


Students explore patterns in weather and how it changes from day to day, using measurement of temperature, wind, cloud cover and precipitation. They relate their findings to weather forecasting to prepare for severe conditions.

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles


Students make observations of patterns of objects in the sky and they seem to move. Students use patterns in data to predict some movements of objects in the sky.

Changing Earth: Today and Over Time


Students explore and develop models of different landforms and bodies of water and investigate the causes of how the land and water can change rapidly or over a long period of time.

Weather, Climate, and Natural Hazards


Students explore weather at different parts of the world and different times of the year. They collect and analyze data to use patterns to predict future weather events and seasons.

Processes that Shape the Earth


Students explore the cause and effect relationship of weathering and erosion to Earth’s surfaces. They explore changes over time due to Earth’s forces and natural hazards.

Earth and Space Systems


Students develop a model to describe ways that the geosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere interact. They describe and graph data to provide evidence about the distribution of water on Earth.

Weather, Climate, and Human Impact


Weather, Climate, and Human Impact is geared toward Middle School students and is designed so that students figure out the phenomenon of severe weather, climate across the globe, and how human activities affect weather and climate.