Chemical Properties


This unit provides a more in-depth study of physical properties (boiling point, density, and color) and chemical properties (pH, reactivity, and flammability).

Forces: Contact and Non-Contact


Forces: Contact and Non-Contact focuses on helping students understand ideas related to why some objects will keep moving, why objects fall to the ground, and why some materials are attracted to each other while others are not. Students answer the question “How can one describe physical interactions between objects and within systems of objects?”

Particles of Matter and Chemical Reactions


Particles of Matter and Chemical Reactions focuses on helping students understand ideas related to the particles that make up matter and how they behave during temperature change and when different substances are combined.

Energy and the Electromagnetic Spectrum


In Energy and the Electromagnetic Spectrum, middle school students continue their exploration into energy by delving into the concept of energy and energy transfer through the exploration of the transfer of energy between kinetic energy and potential energy within the system of a roller coaster.

Weather Watchers


Weather Watchers unit is taught in 2 quarters to span seasons and increase observations in changes in weather and seasons.

An Animal's Life


Students study the basic needs of animals for survival and the life cycle of animals.

Sorting Things Out


Students sort objects by their observable properties and explore the interaction of different material and magnets.

Earth's Land and Water


After identifying and designing models of landforms and bodies of water, students explore how water exists on Earth in three states and the movement of water on land and through the atmosphere.

A Plant's Life


Students explore the parts of a plant, what they do, and how they contribute to its survival.

Measuring Matters


Measuring Matters focuses on common objects and substances and their physical properties that can be observed and measured.

Earth and Me


Students identify earth materials and surface changes and apply their knowledge to natural resources and how humans use natural resources.

Organisms Have Character


Students take a deeper look into the physical and behavioral characteristics of organisms and their role in growth and survival.