Processes that Shape the Earth


Students explore the cause and effect relationship of weathering and erosion to Earth’s surfaces. They explore changes over time due to Earth’s forces and natural hazards.

NEW! Structure, Function, and Information Processing


Students determine how internal and external structures support the survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction of plants and animals.

Energy and Waves


Students explore how energy moves from place to place and is observable through sound, light, heat transfer, motion, and electric currents.

Earth and Space Systems


Students develop a model to describe ways that the geosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere interact. They describe and graph data to provide evidence about the distribution of water on Earth.

NEW! Matter and Energy in an Ecosystem


Students explore how plants and animals get their food for survival.

Structure and Properties of Matter


Students explore matter in terms of measurable properties and as made up of particles too small to be seen.

Students develop an understanding that the number of particles and weight of matter does not change regardless of the changes it goes through.

The Planet Rock


The Planet Rock unit explores the rock cycle, weathering and glacier movement and leads to a study of soil and a comparison of soil samples.

Earth: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Sixth graders gain an understanding of the Earth’s history and future through the study of plate tectonics and major geological events.

Energy in an Ecosystem


Students explore ecosystems with relation to the energy flow in a balanced ecosystem and the roles organisms play to maintain the balance.

Energetic Connections


Sixth graders deepen their understanding of energy in its multiple forms through investigations into kinetic and potential energy and begin to understand the scientific reasoning that energy is not created or destroyed.

Weather, Climate, and Me


Weather, Climate, and Me provides a means for students to apply their understanding of solar energy to phenomena they observe, hear, and read about.

Energy Effects


The exploration into energy continues with investigations into the effects of light energy and solar energy.