Weather, Climate, and Natural Hazards


Students explore weather at different parts of the world and different times of the year. They collect and analyze data to use patterns to predict future weather events and seasons.

NEW! Life Cycles and Survival in an Ecosystem


Students continue to explore the balance in an ecosystem and the dependency of organisms within the system.

Forces and Interactions


Students explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of objects. Their exploration includes non-contact forces using magnets and electricity.

Earth and Me


Students identify earth materials and surface changes and apply their knowledge to natural resources and how humans use natural resources.

Organisms Have Character


Students take a deeper look into the physical and behavioral characteristics of organisms and their role in growth and survival.

Changes in Motion


Using their everyday observations of motion and through a variety of activities, students build on their Kindergarten experiences and explore concepts of motion and forces.

Light and Sound


Beginning with an exploration into the properties of light and sound, students apply their knowledge to concepts related to shadows, color, pitch, and volume.